Metal Pallets

Why metal pallets are superior to plastic or wood pallets in all of your material handling needs. If you have ever used plastic or wooden pallets, then you know how frustrating and costly it can be when one breaks or should one ever be contaminated. Our pallets are cost effective and safe for many reasons. You don't have to replace them, metal is virtually unbreakable, and when using with hazardous waste material our galvanized metal finishing limits your worries of chemical contamination. Another reason why our product can outperform any wooden or plastic pallet is that they can hold several thousand kilos of static weight without breaking or bending. The metal pallet is ideal for use in warehouse storage because they are stackable, and can hold almost any product; they are extremely useful when dealing with 55 gallon drums. Get close to 100% payback on the purchase of durable Steel pallets. Durable Steel pallets can last 15-20 years compared to a 2-4-year life span for plastic pallets and while the wooden Pallets sometimes only last a trip or more.

Economical Steel pallets are resilient, recyclable and virtually indestructible. Our pallets can be easily cleaned and sanitized. They will not rust or rot and there is no risk of contamination from wood or wood-borne pests.

Supply Chains Are Tough, Material Handling is Brutal, and Steel Pallets Deliver Results! Our reusable stainless steel and MS Steel pallets are replacing wood pallets as the shipping method of choice for large manufacturers and retailers. Steel pallets has less flexing during loading and unloading, providing safer stacking possibilities. Our steel pallets are offered with a galvanized finish, gray or black powder coat finish or with anti-slip coating. Our steel pallets’ heavy-duty welded design offers superior stability, optimum strength and better product security. Our steel pallets are ideal for almost any load, particularly shipments that have a return cycle to capitalize on steel pallet’s reusability. Our stainless steel pallets can be custom designed using in-house roll formed parts or standard structural steel components. These stainless steel pallets are offered in 2 popular sizes: 48″ x 40″ x 5.5” h. and 48″ x 48″ x 5.5” h. Our affordable steel pallets have a sanitary design, and no sharp edges. They feature 2/4-way forklift and pallet jack access. Steel Pallet Features and Advantages: - no sharp edges - durable, strong and stable - lightweight: 28 Kg. each - max static load: 18,000 Kgs./max dynamic load: 4,500 Kgs. - edge rackable –1,500 Kgs. edge support, 4-way access - clean, non-porous and washable - recyclable and renewable - flame resistance – safety – insurance rates - less damage, repair and maintenance - lower shipping class, lower shipping cost per trip - popular for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petroleum, chemicals and heavy industries. Overview Metal Pallets When comparing metal and wood pallets there is virtually no contest. METAL PALLET are designed as an alternative to wood and plastic pallets to advance and solve problems with modern manufacturing methods. Business is a serious game and profits and losses are determined according to the methods you presently use to operate your business. Studies and comparisons have been made and the results in every category are unanimously in favor of METAL PALLETS. But don't take our word for it. Compare for yourself the advantages of METAL PALLETS over wood and plastic pallets. And you will decide as many other companies have, to use METAL PALLETS. We want to reduce your overhead and increase you profits. Modern Techno Engineering. has developed a product to eliminate the gamble and change your conventional warehousing methods into cost savings values for your operation.


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